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Chef David Kirschner

Over the last 18 years, Chef David Kirschner has worked in some of our country's most renowned kitchens. He has spent time in the 3 Michelin starred restaurant, Per Se, opened up numerous restaurants with Michael Mina, has been the Private Dining Chef for Daniel Boulud in New York City, and held the position of Executive Chef at Tasting Table, to name a few.

In 2015, he founded dineDK Private Dining, a boutique private event company that specializes in unique culinary experiences and private chef staffing services. dineDK works with a curated team of Michelin-trained chefs and experience coordinators to bring their clients’ experiences to life. As dineDK’s CEO and Executive Chef, David leads the team in its pursuit of excellence, mentors chefs, and drives its social mission, to be a platform for chefs to have the opportunity to live more balanced lives without sacrificing their craft; constantly creating, cooking, and connecting with guests.